TapeTrack Tape Management Software

Manage your tape library with absolute confidence.

Managing computer backup tapes isn’t as simple as it looks. Whether you’re looking to replace your spreadsheet or that tape management database that was written twenty years ago, you need a solution that not only meets your expectations but exceeds them.

TapeTrack Components

Framework Server

TapeTrack Framework Server is a Windows Service or Linux Daemon that provides the core back-end services of the TapeTrack System.


TapeTrack TapeMaster is the administration and power-user interface to TapeTrack.


TapeTrack Lite is a Windows Wizard that guides users with a minimal number of tapes through the process of sending Volumes offsite and scanning them back in when they return.


TapeTrack Checkpoint is designed for tape librarians who handle large quantities of volumes, enhanced with audible communications of volume locations for placement or retrieval of volumes from storage racks and slots.


TapeTrack Sync integrates with your tape management system to automatically calculate what tapes need to be sent off-site and what tapes need to come back. If you run CommVault or NetBackup, you can avoid the added expense of VaultTracker or NetBackup Vault