Consolitape provides an easy way to deal with legacy tapes.

Consolitape is designed to virtualize physical legacy tapes. The virtualized tapes can be stored on disk or migrated to high-capacity, low cost LTFS tapes for consolidated long term storage.

Consolitape retains all characteristics of the original tape, including cartridge memory, barcode label and tape metadata. Access to the virtualized tape information is provided through emulation of the original tape drive and library hardware that were used to create the physical tapes.

This approach helps customers with two main benefits:

1. Reduction of off-site storage cost. By virtualizing and consolidating legacy tapes, companies can save on the cost of off-site storage. This cost can be substantial if the company needs to store thousands of tapes off-site in a conditioned environment. When consolidating these legacy formats, the number of physical tapes can be greatly reduced. The cost for storing 100,000 legacy LTO-1 tapes can be reduced by a factor of 100 by consolidating to 1000 LTO-8 tapes.

2. Reduction of legacy hardware footprint. While tapes are designed to last for many decades (15 – 30 years), the physical tape drives required to access the data on these tapes becomes cumbersome to keep around and in working order. By virtualizing the tapes, dependency on real hardware disappears, saving the maintenance, floor space and power required for keeping the old hardware alive. The legacy backup server(s) may be virtualized onto a hypervisor platform of choice as well. The virtual devices connect to legacy backup servers over iSCSI which is available on most hypervisor platforms.