For over 20 years GazillaByte has been a leader in the field of enterprise tape management.

Our philosophy is simple:

Create cost effective solutions through innovation.

We grew up in the data center, first with 3420 reels, then with 3480 and 3490 cartridges, and then with LTO, IBM and Oracle enterprise tapes; along the way, we saw DLT, 8mm, 4mm, and optical storage come and go.

Today we watch as companies look for ways to leverage the Cloud and struggle to find a parachute to get off tape, or a lifeboat to stay with it.

We sell parachutes and lifeboats for tape, and we price them like you’re yet to depart, not about to drown.

Our flagship TapeTrack Tape Management Solution not only keeps an inventory of those 30 year old tapes you just can’t get rid of, it integrates with your backup software, robotic libraries and your offsite vendor to track last night’s backup tapes so you don’t have to think about it.

Got 50,000 LTO1 tapes sitting around offsite costing you 25c a month? Our Consolitape product allows you to consolidate 100+ of them onto a single LTO8 cartridge, then virtualize those tapes so that your backup software doesn’t see a single LTO8 drive, it sees 100 tapes sitting in a virtual tape library.

Stop paying licensing fees for that old backup software you no longer use just so you can lookup a catalog, load the catalog into TapeTrack and use our catalog instead; it’s not only faster but cheaper as well.

Anybody who works with tapes knows that it’s a daily battle. You use it because it gets the job done; We get that, and that’s the reason why you should give us a call.

Our goal is to make a hard job as easy as it can possibly be.